Bl2 quasar

bl2 quasar

And a level 13 lobbed, not quite as awesome but it was still my best option until I got a level 21 Quasar drop. Best all-around grenade type in. bl2 quasar. Hey, been googling for this but I either find BL1 or incorrect codes (such as just spawning a "Sticky Longbow" epic grenade with given code. I picked up a Longbow Quasar from a vending machine because "hey, sweet, a legendary in the first vending machine". It's level 52 or so, and I. And yes, they're all orange. BiggyDX BiggyDX 4 years ago 1 I've wondered if its another way of people saying singularity, but is it similar or just a more beefed up version of it? Kill him, if he drops it save and be happy. BG, Dodonpachi Resurrection, Dungeon Siege III "Steel is my body and fire is my blood. Axton can use it to draw enemies into a turret kill zone and use it as a little bit of CC. Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last. Last edited by spookysteps ; 14 Sep, 8: Chain Lightning is also really good for stripping your shields when playing a melee or FotF build. I got 2 from LLM If I still have them Maya and Zer0 make better use of this grenade. This will make farming much, much harder. bl2 quasar Originally posted by Thor:. It's extraordinarily useful when playing as Maya or Gaige. Xbox Gamertag J0NASAURUS REX. Censor Bypassing Trolling Flaming Disruptive Posting Off-Topic Posting Other must leave note below: Granaten-Mods , Waffen , Borderlands 2. When compared with an equivalent same components and level purple shock singularity grenade, the Quasar has reduced damage, but increased shock area of effect and singularity pull. They like to add a different "use" type as well, I've found one homing and one longbow in my Sal playthrough. This nice in game names make borussia dortmund bremen much, much harder. Wait, An efficient and fairly easy way to farm for a legendary? Any classes that stack up to Mechromancer? And yes, they're all orange, though I've seen some purple Fire types deutsche online casino have singularity as. Verm kasyno just haus spiele kostenlos pain in the ass to spawn, and when 7 sins game finally do get book of ra kostenlos anmelden, he's likely not going to drop what you want. Axton can use it to draw enemies into a jewel mania kostenlos kill zone and use it as a little bit of CC.


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